Ride-sharing set to take off in Warman with new bylaw

Warman City Council adopted a bylaw at its meeting on Monday, February 25 to regulate ride-sharing and taxicab companies.

The bylaw received all three readings at the meeting.

The new bylaw has been in the works for quite some time. Warman Planning and Development Manager Brad Toth said the updated bylaw is needed to replace the city’s existing, and outdated, taxicab bylaw.

“The change is in reponse to changes in provincial legislation which now allow for ride-sharing,” said Toth. “The City of Warman has used a similar format to other bylaws in the region. The goal is to allow flexiblity to fill a need for Warman while still ensuring passenger safety and proper record of drives in Warman.”

The two major areas of the bylaw relate to taxicabs and transportation networks. ‘Transportation networks’ is the term used for ride hailing services such as Uber. The city will set criteria for taxicab licenses and base the number of cab licenses on market demand. Council will have final discretion over the issuing of taxicab licenses.

Ride-sharing transportation networks are defined as those companies using a phone app or computer program for hailing.

Warman, like Martensville and Saskatoon, will be licensing the transportation network company, rather than individual drivers.