Propane leak, landfill fire keep firefighters busy

Martensville firefighters endured intense cold while dealing with two separate incidents last weekend.

Firefighters responded first with a propane leak at an industrial site, followed by a stubborn landfill fire a few hours later.

“It was a chilly one,” said Martensville Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman. “The cold temperatures always make it a little more challenging.”

Brooman said firefighters were called to a small propane leak at the Superior Propane site in Martensville’s industrial area on 9th Street North at 5:33 p.m. on Friday, February 22.

The leak, which was in a valve on a propane truck, was quickly contained and sealed.

Brooman said a 911 call came in when a resident of the area noticed a strong smell of propane.

“We went to investigate and with the help of the employees of Superior Propane, we were able to find the source of the leak quite quickly,” said Brooman. “The employees were very familiar with the equipment, and very helpful.”

A few hours later, though, firefighters were once again called out, this time to a fire in the Loraas landfill site just south of Martensville on Lutheran Road. Brooman said they were dispatched at 1:07 a.m. on Saturday morning.

“A passer-by called 911 when they noticed flames on the hill as they were driving by,” said Brooman. “We were able to make contact with Loraas and the employees were able to help us fight that fire.”

Brooman said Loraas equipment operators used tractors to break up the burning material and separate it so firefighters could smother the flames with water and foam.

“We were out there a while,” said Brooman. “The wind seemed to pick up steadily, which fanned the flames and increased the wind chill, especially at the top of that hill.”

He said it was a stubborn fire that tended to flare up every so often. However, it was contained to a small area. Firefighters were finally able to declare it out and leave the scene at about 4:45 a.m. on Saturday morning.