Pets perish in Corman Park house fire

Saskatoon firefighters responded to a house fire in Corman Park on Monday morning, February 4

Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) members responded to a house on fire in the RM of Corman Park early Monday morning, Feburary 4.

SFD Acting Battalion Chief Rob Hogan said at approximately 5:19 a.m., firefighters received a 911 call reporting a house on fire at 5371 Strathcona Avenue, south of Saskatoon in the Furdale – Riverside Estates area.

Two fire engines, one heavy rescue unit, one brush truck, one water tanker, and one Battalion Chief responded to the scene.

“Fire Dispatchers worked to obtain additional information for responding crews, identifying that two cats and one dog remained trapped inside,” said Hogan. “All occupants of the home had exited before the arrival of the first fire crew.”

Firefighters observed a house with heavy smoke and flame showing upon their arrival. An assessment of the scene was performed and a defensive attack was initiated to control and contain the fire from extending to other areas of the property.

In considering scene safety, fire crews noted a half-full tank of diesel located to the side of the burning house and established a collapse zone around the perimeter.

Water tankers shuttled water to the fire scene to maintain a consistent water source. The request to shut down utilities to the house was made and utility technicians were dispatched to the scene.

Given the involvement of the fire and the extraordinarily cold temperatures, fire crews have been rotated out and additional fire engines have been dispatched to monitor for and extinguish hot spots.

Fire Dispatchers made contact with animal care facilities in Saskatoon to find temporary shelter for one dog that was displaced as a result of the fire. It is assumed that the two cats and one dog that remained trapped inside the burning home were not able to exit and are now deceased.

There will be no damage estimate provided or investigation conducted for this incident as it falls outside of the jurisdiction of the Saskatoon Fire Department.