Students gain experience at inaugural 3V Relay Race

Emery Vanhuklom of Valley Manor and Venture Heights’ Marcus Crowe show some hustle while competing a the inaugural 3V Relay Races competition at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion on January 31

Students from Martensville public schools competed against each other during the first annual 3V Relay Races competition at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion on January 31.
Youth from Grade 4 classes at Venture Heights, Valley Manor and Lake Vista all participated in the inaugural event.
The school’s usually participate in meets in Saskatoon which feature a lot more youth but this event gives those younger students an opportunity to improve on their running skills while participating in a competitive environment.

“For Grade 4s it’s pretty overwhelming in that large venue, so we wanted to do our own where all of our Grade 4s that want to take part, can take part, and they get multiple opportunities,” said Ron Biberdorf, Venture Heights principal and organizer of the event.

There were 16 teams of four (seven from Valley Manor, six from Venture Heights and three from Lake Vista) and each team ran three 4X100 races.
Since each team ran multiple races that gave them an opportunity to improve their time and make adjustments.

Each race consisted of three teams and after all the races were completed, the top three teams with the fastest time in the respective boys and girls categories qualified for the final.
Competing in a smaller event like this allows the students to get familiar with the sport which will help them be prepared to compete at the bigger meets.

“It’s more comfortable, but all of these school have also been practicing. So these kids have been practicing and now it’s just not a one shot and out,it’s three chances,” Biberdorf said.
Valley Manor principal and co-organizer of the event Garth Harrison mentioned that all three of the schools have youth in grades five to eight that participate in other track meets and this event gives the other students a chance to compete.

Emily Dagenais of Venture Heights hands the baton off to teammate Addyson McMillan

“This is just an opportunity for our Grade 4s to get a taste of what it really feels like to run a 100 metres, and to be part of a 4X100 team,” he said. “Hopefully it will work well for building our teams in the future, our 5 to 8 teams.”

When Lake Vista was asked to participate in the event, teacher Lisa Kobylka said it was great opportunity for the students.

“We usually do a couple meets in the City (Saskatoon) with PR Athletics and it’s grades 4 to 8. But Venture (Heights) thought this would be a good opportunity for the Grade 4s as an introductory to what it’s all about,” she said.

The three schools have worked together before, so organizing and event like this came together pretty quick.
“There’s a really good spirit of working together and we connect with each other all the time,” Biberdorf said. “We’re just interested in kids getting opportunities, so were like minded, and it works well,” Biberdorf said.

The event was only limited to one grade for the inaugural year, however, Biberdorf said the vision is to see Grade 5 and 6 students compete as well. He also mentioned inviting other schools from the surrounding area is also not out of the question.

“Once we see how this (event) runs, see how efficiently we can run it and see what how long it takes, we could absolutely look at (inviting) some of the bordering communities, just like we do for cross-country,” Biberdorf said.

Alexis Baniulis of Lake Vista receives the baton from teammate Brooklyn Jocelyn
Nolan Boechler of Valley Manor School Venture Heights’ Noah Falzarano are neck-and-neck