Hazardous gas threat averted at Parkridge Centre

Saskatoon firefighters neutralized a potential health threat from the accidental release of chlorine gas at Parkridge Centre in Saskatoon on Tuesday morning, January 8.

At approximately 9:53 a.m., the Saskatoon Fire Department and the Emergency Measures Organization responded to reports of a hazardous materials exposure at Parkridge Centre, located at 110 Gropper Crescent.

One Fire Engine, one Haz-Mat Unit, one Decontamination Unit, one Battalion Chief, and a Mobile Command Unit were initially dispatched to the scene. Fire Dispatchers identified for responding fire crews that the reported hazardous material involved was chlorine gas, a toxic and corrosive material.

Upon arrival, fire crews shut down the building’s ventilation system to isolate the exposure. It was determined that the chlorine gas was the result of an error in procedure when mixing chlorine powder with water; it is believed to have been accidental in nature. Technicians from the Haz-Mat Unit tested the air quality in a number of locations potentially open to exposure and found a maximum reading of 0.2 parts-per-million (PPM) in one area, a minimal level for concern. 

A hazardous materials clean-up was conducted and one Aerial Ladder Truck later responded to the scene to ventilate and restore the air quality in the building.

Two civilians, both employees of the Parkridge Centre, were assessed on scene and declined transport to hospital. It is believed that both will consult a physician later today. 

A Safety Officer from the Saskatoon Fire Department was on scene monitoring fire crew safety and procedures. There was no environmental risk as a result of this exposure. Fire crews have now concluded their duties in relation to this incident.