Rosthern RCMP investigating robberies

Surveillance photo shows the suspect filling up a stolen truck with gas at the Rosthern Co-op cardlock on November 22

Rosthern RCMP are currently investigating a string of robberies that occurred in late November.

“We had several break-ins over the span of about five days,” said a spokesperson with the RCMP detachment office in Rosthern on Wednesday, December 5. “We are dealing with multiple scenes, and there is a possibility that the same people were involved in all these break-ins.

“There are multiple jurisdictions involved, so hopefully we’ll be able to narrow it down in the coming weeks.”
The RCMP is asking for the public’s help in tracking down those responsible for the break-ins. The RCMP released photos of one suspect taken from a surveillance video at the Rosthern Co-op cardlock gas station on November 22.

A news release from the RCMP stated: “On the 22nd day of November, 2018, the John Deere dealership located in Rosthern was broken into. There were various tools and small items stolen. A John Deere F550 labelled flat deck service truck was also stolen during this incident.”
The RCMP noted there were several John Deere service trucks damaged by the suspect during his attempts to break into them. The stolen truck was later locate south of Saskatoon on Highway 11.

The RCMP said surveillance pictures of the suspect were captured when the suspect used stolen gas cards obtained from another break and enter at a neighbouring business.

The suspect fills a stolen truck with gas at the Rosthern Co-op cardlock station on November 22

“The suspect filled up with fuel at the Rosthern Co-op cardlock where cameras were able to show him drive up to the pumps, exit the vehicle, then use the card. The suspect also stole one of the John Deere technicians’ cell phones. This phone was tracked by the victim using the ‘find my iphone’ feature on the phone, and it showed the suspect was in the City of Regina.

The RCMP is asking anyone with information on these break-ins to contact the Rosthern RCMP detachment at 1-306-232-6400 or to contact Saskatchewan Crimestoppers.