Lake Vista School students donate food

Lake Vista School Principal Chris Mason and students Abigail Cohen, Sophie Deobald, Abby Brenner and Anna Brenner drop off donated vegetables at the Martensville Free Pantry on Wednesday, November 14

A “Farm to School” campaign at Lake Vista School raised almost $4,000 toward the school’s playground fundraising goal.

It also served up a big crop of vegetables for the Martensville Free Pantry, an informal food bank.

A total of $3,960 was raised during the campaign, organized by the Lake Vista School Community Council. The campaign involved families purchasing a bag of fresh mixed vegetables, with a portion of the funds going toward paying off the school’s playground debt. As part of the campaign, families were also encouraged to purchase a bag of vegetables to donate to charity.

The three families that raised the most money during the fundraising campaign were chosen to make the donation to the Martensville Free Pantry.

The vegetables were donated to the Free Pantry in the Martensville Civic Centre on Wednesday, November 14.

The school is currently at the halfway point in its fundraising campaign to pay for the school playground.