No injuries in collision, house fire

The driver of this half-ton truck was able to walk away from a collision with a semi on Highway 12 south of Martensville on Wednesday, October 17

Martensville Fire Department members were kept busy on Wednesday, October 17, responding to a motor vehicle collision on Highway 12 south of the city in the morning, and a small residential house fire later that evening.

There were no injuries in either incident, according to Martensville Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman.

The collision, which occurred at 9:20 a.m. at the intersection of Highway 12 and Township Road 380 near Ritchie Brothers Auction, could have been a lot worse, said Brooman.

The collision involved a semi-trailer truck unit and a half-ton pickup truck.

Brooman said no extrication was required, and drivers of both vehicles were not injured.

Martensville Fire Department remained on scene for clean up of the highway.

Firefighters were called to a report of a house fire at 114 – 1st Street South in Martensville at 7:49 p.m. that evening.

“Upon arrival, smoke was showing from the roof area of the house,” said Brooman. “Damage was minor and limited to the roof area. The cause of fire was determined to be an overheated attic fan.”

Brooman said firefighters were able to pull the fan unit out without any damage to the roof structure.

Firefighters then did a thorough check of the insulation in the roof and walls using thermal imaging cameras to ensure there were no hot spots.