Warman Middle School takes precautionary move

A “hold and secure” process at Warman Community Middle School (WCMS) on Thursday morning, October 4, was successful in determining there was no threat to students and staff.

The “hold and secure” process began at 8:55 a.m. and was lifted by 9:20 a.m., according to a letter to WCMS parents from WCMS Principal Tracy Dolezsar-Glarvin. The letter was issued shortly after the incident.

“With every situation that poses a potential threat we follow our Prairie Spirit School Division Emergency Response protocol and work in conjunction with the RCMP,” said the letter from the Principal.

“A ‘hold and secure’ process is when students are kept inside the school building and continue with their regular school routine, while exterior doors are locked and monitored by staff.

“Many students may not be aware when a ‘hold and secure’ process has been activated.

“The RCMP and our School Resource Officer responded to the situation. The ‘hold and secure’ was lifted following reassurance from RCMP that there was no threat, and commended the school in following our Safe Schools Protocol.”