Sask, Ontario vow to battle carbon tax

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and Ontario Premier Doug Ford met on Thursday, October 4 to discuss how their two governments can continue to work together to fight the federal government’s plans to impose a carbon tax on Canadian families and businesses.

“Premier Ford is a strong voice in the fight against the carbon tax, and I want to thank him again for his commitment to intervene in Saskatchewan’s constitutional challenge against this damaging tax,” Moe said. “I am pleased to announce that Saskatchewan will show the same support by intervening in support of Ontario’s constitutional challenge launched by Premier Ford on behalf of the people of Ontario.”

“A carbon tax, in any form, is the worst possible tax for the Canadian economy and Canadian families,” Ford said. “All the carbon tax does is take money out of the pockets of workers, families and businesses, and instead fuel out-of-control government spending. We will fight this unfair, punishing tax with every tool at our disposal. In this fight, we could ask for no better partner than Premier Moe and the Government of Saskatchewan.”

Ontario is intervening in the Government of Saskatchewan’s reference challenging the federal carbon tax, in addition to bringing its own reference to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Premier Moe also announced on October 4 that Saskatchewan intends to intervene in Ontario’s recently launched reference challenge.