Highway 12 overpass damaged by transport truck

Traffic northbound on Highway 12 at Martensville is reduced to a single lane after a tractor trailer unit carrying a grain bin clipped the bottom of the newly opened overpass Wednesday afternoon. RCMP received the call about the collision just after 2:00.

The grain bin was destroyed by the impact and the lower decking of the overpass has sustained minor damage, but police believe the structure is safe to travel on. The grain bin remained on the trailer but part of it was sheared off and fragments were strewn into the median.

The overpass opened to traffic on Monday evening and markers indicating the structures height hadn’t been installed as finishing work remains to be completed.

A number of traffic cones that were put in place during the construction of the overpass were also mowed down during, and subsequent to, the impact.

The grain bin was one of four travelling north on the highway but only the lead truck’s freight was damaged; the remaining three units were able to stop short of the overpass. The posted speed limit in the area is 60 km/h as construction continues adjacent to the roadway.