Melness Road repairs a priority for Corman Park

The RM of Corman Park will be doing repairs to a stretch of Melness Road this fall

A 475-meter section of Melness Road southeast of Saskatoon adjacent to Highway 11 will be repaired as soon as possible, Corman Park Council has decided.

At its regular meeting on Monday, August 20, Corman Park councillors voted to earmark approximately $245,000 to the project out of this year’s budget.

The repairs were not included in the RM’s 2018 public works budget because the damage to the road occurred this past spring as a result of heavy equipment hauling many loads of manure. The section of road most affected is in a low spot near a slough.

“It needs to be a priority,” said Division 3 Councilor Lyndon Haduik. “We should do the repairs now when there’s low water in the slough, and it’s probably cheaper to do it now than next year.”

The state of the road, located in Division 1, was brought before council in a report by Corman Park Public Works Director Craig Hebermehl.

“During spring road bans of 2018, approximately 900 meters of Melness Road, also known as Township Road 352, was destroyed due to the constant hauling and dumping of manure by heavy farm equipment on the thawing road bed,” said Hebermehl. “The road has been shattered and is in need of repair. No budget funds were allocated to this project, as it was not anticipated.”

Hebermehl said the public works department has already patched the areas east of the slough.

“However, the area of most concern is the area of standing water,” said Hebermehl. He added that any patching done by the slough “will fall apart as soon as the freeze thaw comes or any heavy traffic hits it.”

The repairs would include  installation of a culvert, geotextile, roto-mixing of the existing roadway, applying 150 mm of granular base and 50 mm of asphalt concrete to 475 meters of roadway.

Repairs are currently underway on 3.22 kilometers of Baker Road in the RM of Corman Park between Highway 219 and Range Road 3052 in Division 2.

Council agreed at its August 20 meeting to earmark funds for repairs to a quarter mile stretch of Strathcona Road (Range Road 3055) between Township Road 360 and Township Road 362 in the 2019 budget.