Warman, Martensville construction on healthy pace

Single-family homes are being built in the Lake Vista neighbourhood of Martensville

The pace of residential and commercial construction in Martensville and Warman is on par with last year, according to statistics from the cities’ planning departments.

For the first six months of 2018, the City of Martensville has issued a total of 182 development and building permits worth a total of $13,046,614.

Most of those City of Martensville permits (98) were for residential additions, renovations and garages. In addition, there were 23 permits issued for single-family dwellings; 22 permits for multi-family units, and eight permits for commercial and industrial buildings. There were 31 permits issued in a category listed as “other.”

For the 12-month calendar year in  2017, the City of Martensville issued 251 development permits worth a total of $17,943,073. These included 46 permits for single-family dwellings, 28 permits for multi-family units, 103 residential additions, 15 commercial and industrial buildings, one government building and 61 “other” permits.

The numbers are similar for Warman, where the city issued 157 building and development permits, with a total value of $17,181,270 between January 1 to August 9, 2018.

That total included 20 permits for single-family dwellings and four permits for multi-family dwellings. These 24 permits had a combined value of $8,698,900.

There were also 13 commercial building permits worth a total value of $5,405,000 issued during that period.

In addition, 120 permits with a value of $3,077,370 were issued for renovations, garages, decks and additions.

In the same period last year (January 1 to August 9, 2017), the City of Warman issued a total of 224 building permits worth a combined value of $24,361,671. The total included 15 commercial buildings (value of $4,597,100); 50 single and multi-family dwellings (value of $17,279,100)), and 159 residential additions and renovations (value of $2,485,471).

Warman Community Planner Chris Hilash said while the pace of construction has slowed in recent years, it’s still very healthy.

“There is a lot of value in the commercial developments coming on stream,” said Hilash. “Also, when you compare our situation with the rest of the province and the country as a whole, we’re doing very well.”