RCMP prepares to consult with Crown on Broncos bus crash investigation

The Saskatchewan RCMP is preparing to consult with the Crown as the investigation into the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy continues.
In a news release issued on Tuesday, June 12, the RCMP said its Collision Reconstruction Team and Major Crimes Unit continues to methodically analyze the data and evidence gathered. An important component of this investigation is the collision reconstruction analysis.
Once completed, the analysis will be peer reviewed in order to validate the findings and conclusions. Peer review is a standard practice for complex investigations such as this.
Investigators are also preparing for Crown consultation at the conclusion of the investigation which occurs in many serious, sensitive, and complex investigations.
The RCMP said its investigators remain in close contact with victims’ families and regularly reach out to them to provide whatever support they can.
Investigations, by their very nature, are dynamic. What investigators learn today can influence what action they need to take tomorrow. Based on that, we are not able to provide an estimate as to when the investigation might be complete.
“We are all anxious to learn the results of this investigation to assist in understanding what led to this terrible tragedy,” said Supt. Derek Williams, Officer in Charge of Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes, “We are committed to sharing the outcome of the investigation as soon as we can.”