RCMP investigating vandalism at Warman skateboard park

A serious incident of vandalism in Warman is under investigation by the RCMP

The washroom facility at the Warman skateboard park will be closed for about five weeks following a serious incident of vandalism on Sunday evening, June 10.
Warman Recreation and Community Services Manager Paul McGonigal said RCMP officers are currently investigating the incident, and the city will be pressing charges against those found to be responsible for the damage.
“It’s going to take some time to repair everything,” said McGonigal in an interview on Tuesday, June 12. “Everything has to be removed including the sink, the toilet, the rubberized flooring, all the remaining drywall and the insulation.
“It was completely destroyed.
“As a result of the damage, we’re going to have to close the washrooms until everything can be repaired.”
McGonigal said this is the third incident of serious vandalism at Warman parks in the past three weeks.
“A couple weeks ago, there was about $350 in damage done to the concession at the Arthur Neufeld soccer pitch,” said McGonigal. “We did manage to catch the individual responsible, and we have come to an agreement for that individual to perform community service to help pay for the damages.
“About three weeks ago, we had another, less-serious incident of vandalism at the washroom at the skate park,” he added. “Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good identification of the culprit in that incident. So we had to close the washroom to make repairs to the walls. There was a lot of holes punched in the drywall.”
The latest incident at the washroom is far more serious, said McGonigial.
“We have video surveillance footage of what appear to be two females entering the washroom at about 10 p.m. on Sunday night,” he said. “It was definitely a deliberate act of vandalism. One of the suspects appeared to be keeping a lookout during the incident.
“We are working with the RCMP to find the persons responsible, and we will be prosecuting them to the full extent of the law.”
McGonigal said it’s unfortunate that the majority of skate park users must now suffer because of the actions of one or two individuals.
“The kids that use the skate park on a regular basis are good kids,” said McGonigal. “They look after it. They pick up garbage and take pride in the facility and they have respect for public property. It’s too bad they’re the ones who have to pay the price.”
McGonigal said last year there were no incidents of wilful damage to city recreation facilities, but over the last few weeks, there have been back-to-back incidents.
“I don’t know why that is,” he said. “We’re very disappointed. The parks staff and the public works staff work hard to keep things clean and attractive for our residents and visitors to enjoy. It’s very upsetting that these things happen.”
He said anyone with any information on this or other incidents should contact Warman City Hall at 306-933-2133 or the Warman RCMP at 306-975-1670.
McGonigal said if vandalism incidents continue, the city may have to re-evaluate whether facilities like the skateboard park washroom will be left open during evening hours.