Martensville floats canoe sculpture

The City of Martensville is adding another piece to its public art collection this spring.
At its regular meeting on Tuesday, May 15, Martensville City Council approved a three-year lease agreement for a sculpture by Saskatchewan sculptor Kevin Quinlan to be set up in Kinsmen Park. The 12-foot-long welded-steel rebar sculpture, entitled “Paddle Your Own Canoe” features a life-size depiction of a person in a canoe.
The exact location for the sculpture is not yet determined, but it will likely be along a walking path near one of the ponds. According to the artist, the sculpture is designed for interaction with the public.
Under the terms of the lease agreement, the city will pay the artist $1500 per year for three years for the right to display the artwork. The city will also cover the $500 cost of transporting the sculpture from its current location in North Battleford to Martensville, as well as the $1800 cost of a concrete base for the statue.
Martensville will also have the option of extending the lease at the end of the three years, or of purchasing the statute. If the city decides to buy the statue, the lease payments will be go toward the $25,000 purchase price.
According to the artist, the lone figure paddling the canoe is a “universal human being” representative of “every race, creed and colour” because the canoe is found in every culture throughout history. The statue symbolizes “the pioneer spirit that first brought people to this area.”
The sculpture was originally created in 2015 as part of the Prairie Sculptors Association 2015 Sculpture Symposium in North Battleford.
Martensville currently has two other statues on public display, both at the entrance to the Martensville Athletic Pavilion. One is by the late Bill Epp and the other is by Douglas Bentham.