KidSport playhouse gets finishing touches at Martensville High School

Martensville High School students work on a fully-finished playhouse which will be the grand prize in the KidSport fundraising raffle

It’s the hottest ticket in town.
A fundraising raffle for the Warman and Martensville KidSport charity is about to kick into high gear on Saturday, May 19, when the grand prize playhouse officially goes on display in front of the Martensville A&W restaurant.
The 100 square foot playhouse was built entirely by Grade 12 students at Martensville High School (MHS). Two industrial arts classes began work on the project on February 11, and are currently putting the finishing touches on the structure.
“It’s been a great learning experience,” said Grade 12 student Mitchell Haas in an interview during a class on Wednesday, May 9. “I’m really looking forward to seeing it out on display, where people can take a look at it.
“I think when they see it they’ll be impressed that a bunch of Grade 12 students built this.”
Haas said he has been doing a lot of the electrical work on the playhouse. It’s wired for electric lights both inside and on the outside under the soffits.
While he’s had some experience working on construction alongside his father, this project took things to a whole new level.
“The electrical stuff was all new to me,” he said. “I think the biggest thing I had to deal with was making sure everything was organized and laid out correctly.”
Grade 12 student Liam Kitzul was attaching custom-made cedar shakes as trim to the top part of the playhouse on May 9.
“We had to cut each one by hand,” said Kutzel. “We started with a little three-foot plank, and then divided it up to make the individual shakes. Then we used a pail lid to make the rounded corners, so they could be fitted on like fish scales to the building.
“It takes a while to get each one right.”
Kitzul said the biggest thing he learned doing this job was patience.
“Definitely,” he said. “I did a lot of putting stuff up and then having to take it down again until it’s done right. I now understand the importance of making sure it looks good and is finished properly.”
Kitzul said he and another student in the other class were tasked with the cedar shakes. On this particular afternoon, he was putting in some extra effort.
“We’re a little behind, so that’s why I’m here now,” he said. “It’s actually a spare for me, but we want to get this done on time.”
MHS Industrial Arts teacher David Fossum said he’s very impressed with not just the quality of the product, but also with the students’ willingness to learn and work as a team.
“It’s a very solid, well-built building,” said Fossum.
This is the third year a playhouse has been built by high school students for the KidSport charity. MHS students built the first one in 2016, and last year one was built at Warman High School.
This year’s building is actually a “dual purpose” project, according to Fossum. It has a set of double doors at the rear of the structure, so that when the kids grow out of the playhouse, Dad and Mom can make use of it as a garden shed.
The Martensville and District Lions Club are taking the lead on selling the raffle tickets for the KidSport playhouse. Tickets are also available at the Martensville A&W. The owner of the restaurant has been an ardent supporter of this project and the KidSport charity for many years.
KidSport provides sports and recreation registration funding and equipment for less fortunate children in the local community.
Tickets are $3 each or two for $5. The draw date for the playhouse is Thursday, June 28 at 7 pm at the Martensville A&W.