Osler School raises funds for emergency first responders

Osler School teacher Pat Bodnar (left to right), Student Leadership Council representative Sierra Janzen, and Osler School teacher Tamara Milnthorp with a donation to Wounded Warriors Canada

When emergency responders arrived on the scene of the Humboldt Broncos team bus tragedy on a cold and lonely stretch of highway south of Nipawin in early April, their heroic and timely actions saved many lives.
But in the days and weeks following that horrific incident, the terrible memories will continue to haunt those who were there.
Students, teachers and staff at Osler School were so moved by the heroism of those emergency responders, they resolved to show their appreciation in a big way.
On Tuesday, May 1, a donation of $2,760.75 was sent to Wounded Warriors Canada, a registered charitable organization that provides support to first responders and members of the Canadian armed forces.
The Wounded Warriors organization provides mental health programs and services to those affected by trauma in the line of duty.
“The Monday after the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, we just felt we had to do something,” said Osler School teacher Pat Bodnar. “Everyone was so touched, not just by the terrible tragedy and the loss of life, but also by the efforts of the first responders and emergency personnel.
“What they went through was just unimaginable. We want to help ease the trauma they’re still going through.”
Tamara Milnthorp, also a teacher at Osler School, said the tragedy and the response was close to home.
“We had first responders who went to the scene to help out,” said Milnthorp. “There were also medical professionals who played a big role in Saskatoon.”
A committee of teachers and student leaders laid plans for a community meal day. On Friday, April 13, residents of the community were invited to the school to buy a hot dog, bag of chips and a drink for $5, with all the funds going to Wounded Warriors.
The food was donated by area businesses.
“We set up tables and chairs in the gym, and started cooking,” said Bodnar. “The people started coming, and just kept on coming.”
Bodnar said everyone was amazed at the total amount collected from the event when it was all over.
“A lot of people donated a lot more than $5 into the kitty,” she said. “The generosity of this community is incredible.”