Reporting of incidents helps police investigations, says RCMP

Warman-Martensville RCMP Sergeant Vaugh Allock (standing at right) explains a point during the question and answer period at a public meeting in Martensville on Wednesday, April 11, while (left to right) Constable Jay Slack, Sergeant Chris Cisecki and Staff Sergeant Rob Eyre look on

A more visible police presence has led to a reduction in petty crime and vandalism in the City of Martensville, according to RCMP Sergeant Chris Cisecki.
“Over the last two years, the RCMP detachment here has increased its visibility on the street as part of our focus on crime reduction,” said Cisecki during a public meeting in Martensville on Wednesday, April 11.
“Theft last year was down 24 per cent over the year before. Incidents of break and enter are down 40 per cent from the year previous. Mischief to property is down 23 per cent.
“Part of that is just greater visibility; with police patrolling the streets and through traffic stops.”
The public meeting in Martensville was one of several held in communities throughout the region over the past couple weeks. A similar round of meetings, aimed at providing information to the public and getting feedback from residents, will take place this fall.
Cisecki said the RCMP’s strategic plan includes traffic enforcement, crime reduction and increased communications with the public at all levels.
“We have a dedicated school resource officer at the detachment whose duties include regular visits to schools in Martensville and Warman,” said Cisecki.
A second school resource officer is slated to be added to the Warman-Martensville detachment later this year.
The RCMP detachment provides 24-hour service through four “watches,” according to Staff Sergeant Rob Eyre. “On each watch, we have a corporal supervisor and four or five constables.
“Each watch has members who are stationed at each of our four areas: Warman, Martensville, Radisson and Delisle. Warman and Martensville have municipal contracts, and the rural areas are covered under a provincial contract.”
Sergeant Vaughn Allcock said it’s important for residents to report crimes or suspicious activities.
“We have yet to solve an unreported crime,” said Allcock. “If you notice something that the police should know, then contact the police.