Martensville okays fundraising drive feasibility study

Martensville City Council is trying to determine if targeting potential corporate partners to help fund new recreational facilities in the community is a worthwhile move.
At its April 3 regular meeting, Martensville Council approved the allocation of $39,140 toward a three-month feasibility study by consulting firm DCG Philanthropic Services Inc. The feasibility study will determine if there is sufficient financial support from stakeholders toward the cost associated with the construction of a recreational facility being proposed by the city.
If the feasibility study finds that an ongoing fundraising campaign is worthwhile, council will then have to decide if it will engage DCG Philanthropic Services Inc. to launch a 15-month long fundraising campaign. The cost to the city of such a campaign, if approved, would be $31,930 plus GST per month.
According to a report by Martensville Recreation and Community Services Director Dave Bosch, DCG Philanthropic Services has worked with the city in the past.
He noted the feasibility study may indicate that not enough philanthropy funding is available, in which case the longer-term fundraising campaign would not go ahead.
Council approved a resolution directing the City Manager to sign an agreement with DCG Philanthropic Services Inc.