Corman Park council okays gravel night haul

The haul route includes a portion of Township Road 393 and Range Road 3052 west of Osler

The RM of Corman Park council voted unanimously to approve a proposal that would permit night hauling of gravel in the vicinity of the Warman and Martensville overpasses, currently under construction.
The discretionary use application by Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. (KPCL) was approved by council at a meeting on Tuesday, April 3. The approval includes a number of conditions designed to minimize noise, dust and road damage.
The proposal to haul gravel at night was necessitated by an acceleration of the timeline for construction of the two overpasses. Both projects were originally scheduled to be completed in 2019. But Peter Kiewit Infrastruture, the primary contractor, has indicated it plans to have the overpasses built by the end of 2018, weather permitting.
Approximately 317,000 tonnes of material is needed from the gravel pits to complete the projects. The haul route begins on Range Road 3052 and then proceeds east and west along Township Road 393 to the interchange construction sites on Highways 11 and 12.
KPCL has been hauling gravel to the construction sites during daylight hours since the overpass projects began in the spring of 2017. The company formally made the request to council to allow night hauling at a meeting on February 26.
However, council members felt they needed to solicit comments and feedback from landowners in the immediate vicinity of the gravel crushing site and along the haul route before making a decision on whether to approve the request.
A total of 67 landowners along the proposed haul route received written notification of the proposal from the RM. Seven comment sheets were returned, with five indicating concerns regarding degradation of Township Road 393, noise, dust, the use of jake brakes, and site reclamation after the project is completed.
Landowner Reagan Trohak, who lives very close to the gravel crushing site, said he’s encouraged to hear KPCL is committed to lessening the impact of its operations on the roads and at the processing site. He added that remediation of the gravel pit at the end of the project is essential.
Division 5 Councillor Arthur Pruim suggested signs be erected along the haul route to inform truckers that jake brakes are prohibited.
The night haul proposal will allow KPCL to truck gravel from the crushing site between the hours of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday to Saturday, from May 1 to August 31, 2018. No extraction, processing or hauling is to occur on Sundays and statutory holidays.
Corman Park Division 6 Councillor Bas Froese-Kooijenga said the majority of residents of the area reluctantly support the night haul proposal because it would help shorten the construction timeline by a year.
But, he added, they want the contractor to abide by the conditions, and to ensure the work is completed by this fall.
“This is a question of short-term pain for long-term gain,” said Froese-Kooijenga. “But they’re not interested in having this drag out for another season, Even if the overpasses aren’t completed, they would like to have that gravel moved and stockpiled at the overpass construction sites if necessary.”
Kelly Panteluk, the owner of KPCL, said his company is committed to completing the job this year. However, he noted, the weather is the wild card in this game.
“Sometimes the weather puts roadblocks along the way,” said Panteluk. “But we can stockpile materials at the construction site if necessary. The only thing that would prevent moving all the materials is if it is a very wet fall and the roads become very soft and aren’t able to support the truck traffic. We don’t want to wreck the road.
“But the intent is to get it done, definitely.”