Warman singer-songwriter takes the stage at Telemiracle

Cassidy Lambert, a 17-year-old Warman High School student, is one of the performers in this year’s annual Telemiracle show

At 17, Cassidy Lambert of Warman is already a seasoned performer. The young singer-songwriter has taken the stage at live music venues including Bud’s on Broadway, Tosh’s Bar & Grill, the Burning Beard, and Piggy’s Pub.
But she admits she’s a little nervous about her next big gig: Telemiracle.
“I’ve never been on television before,” said Lambert in an interview on Friday, February 9. “I’m super excited. I think it’ll be a great experience. But yeah, it’s a little intimidating, too.”
Lambert first picked up the guitar at a very young age, learning the basics of the instrument from her father. Two years ago, she began taking the possibility of pursuing a career in music seriously.
“Music is something I’ve always been surrounded with,” she said. “I can really connect with the guitar. I love the sound, and I think it really helps me convey personal messages in my songs.”
She said her priority now is songwriting, and experimenting with different styles of music. She says her favourite artists include Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.
Lambert said she decided to audition for Telemiracle after being encouraged by her high school music teacher, Monika Mackenzie.
“I actually didn’t know anything about Telemiracle,” said Lambert. “I hadn’t heard of it before. But she recommended it to me. She said, ‘you should look it up and try the audition.’
“I went and played an original song that I wrote in front of the judges, and they took the time to give me feedback afterward. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot in a short time while I was there. They were really great.”
She heard back from Telemiracle in early December that she had been chosen to perform on television.
“My reaction? I kind of felt like, this is one of those moments where everything is going to take off. I’m very excited.”
Lambert is scheduled to perform at about midnight on Saturday, March 3.
She said being chosen to take the big stage is a huge boost for her confidence level.
“I definitely want to make a career playing music,” she said. “I can’t see myself doing anything else.
“My goal is to improve my skills and be the best I can be.”
Lambert has several music videos posted on the youtube.