Scared Scriptless Players set to stage tenth comedy

The Scared Scriptless Players cast of “A Day at the Java Shop and Greyhound Bus Depot” gathered for their first rehearsal in Warman on January 7

Warman’s Scared Scriptless Players are celebrating a major milestone with their biggest production so far.
The community theatre group staged its first play in 2009, and rehearsals for its tenth production started last weekend.
“We had 21 people audition for this play last fall, which is good, because we have 17 parts,” said director April Watson. “It’s the biggest cast so far.”
The community theatre group’s dinner theatre production of “A Day at the Java Shop and Greyhound Bus Depot” by Ontario playwright Roger Cosgrove is slated for March 16, 17 and 18 at the Brian King Centre in Warman.
Watson said she chose the script partly because of its lively writing and memorable characters. But she also wanted a play that was a little closer to home.

April Watson

‘I really wanted to do a script by a Canadian author,” said Watson in an interview on Sunday, January 7, as the cast members gathered for their first rehearsal. “We researched a lot of plays and this one stood out.
“It’s set in Fort Macleod, Alberta in the 1960s, and it’s actually based on a true story. A weird story, but a true story.”
The action takes place in a small town restaurant connected to a bus depot. The restaurant is also next door to a bank. A couple of crooks are planning to rob the bank by digging a tunnel under the java shop. However, the heist is interrupted when Johnny Cash’s tour bus breaks down while passing through town.
“There’s a couple of Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline’s songs,” said Watson. “It’s not a musical, but the songs are a nice touch.”
Many of the actors in this production are veterans of previous Scared Scriptless plays.
“We’ve had quite a few returning people that have come back to be part of this tenth production,” said Watson. “It’s going to be pretty special.”
The group’s website is ca.