Valley Manor School reaches fundraising goal for field trips

Valley Manor School Principal Garth Harrison (left) and Vice-Principal Michael Cox barbecue dozens of hot dogs on Wednesday, December 6

Valley Manor School’s ‘top dogs’ were busy barbecuing dozens of hot dogs on Wednesday, December 6.
Principal Garth Harrison and Vice-Principal Michael Cox braved the frigid temperatures outside the school’s front door to cook lunch for the entire student population.
“The students raised over $200,000 worth of gift cards during our fall fundraising campaign,” explained Harrison, as he flipped tube-steaks onto the back burner. “That resulted in about $7,000 for the school. And that was the goal we were aiming for when we started the campaign.”
The funds go toward extra-curricular field trips for the students.
“The classes will use the money they raised for swimming, bowling and gymnastics,” said Cox. “Things that are related to physical activity.
“The kids are really excited about it. We had some classes out this week doing gymnastics and bowling. And they’ve also gone to the Physical Activity Complex (PAC) at the University of Saskatchewan to do rock-climbing.”
Harrison said the school does two major fundraisers; one in the spring and the other in the fall. Each campaign has incentives that help motivate the students.
“With this campaign, the class that raised the most money got a pizza party,”said Harrison. “If they reached the $200,000 goal then Mr. Cox and I had to wear dresses for a day. They also earned a hot dog lunch for the whole school.”
Harrison said the barbecue marked the culmination of the campaign.
The school is taking a different tack this Christmas season when it comes to a celebration, said Harrison.
“We’re changing things up a little,” he said.
“We’re not having our traditional Christmas concert because that really only involved the Kindergarten to Grade 3 students, and we wanted to bring our whole Valley Manor family into the mix.
“So instead we’re going to have a Family Christmas Festival. It’s an evening with different things going on in each classroom like cookie decorating and Christmas bingo and family pictures.”
Harrison said the change has resulted in positive feedback from families.
“Christmas can be an anxious time of year and we want it to be a fun time of year,” he said “We felt this was a good way for everyone to have a good time.”