Corman Park approves water utility rate increases

Water rates for residents and businesses in the RM of Corman Park will increase in the new year.
Corman Park Council voted at its regular meeting on Monday, December 4 to approve a 2018 utility rate increase for its five municipally-operated potable water distribution systems.
The water rate increases are the result of a 9.25% rate hike by SaskWater and a 5.5% rate hike by the Dundurn Rural Water Utility to the RM, both of which kick in in 2018.

The RM council also gave three readings to an amended water utility bylaw that includes penalties for violations such as cross-connections or improper modification of water meters.
The RM manages and operates potable water systems for Riverside Estates, Casa Rio and Casa Rio East, Grasswood, North Corman Industrial Park, and Battleford Trail.
The Riverside Estates system will see its rate rise 5.69% from $6.15 per cubic meter to $6.50 per cubic meter, effective January 1, 2018.
Casa Rio and Casa Rio East will see an increase of 9.25%, from $5.50 per cubic meter to $6.00 per cubic meter, effective May 1, 2018.
Grasswood’s rates will rise 9.38%, from $4.80 per cubic meter to $5.25 per cubic meter, effective May 1, 2018.
The largest increases will be for the North Corman Industrial Park and the Battleford Trail water systems. Both will see an increase of 17.65%, from $4.25 per cubic meter to $5.00 per cubic meter, effective May 1, 2018.
Corman Park Public Works Director Craig Hebermehl told the December 4 council meeting that the increase in rates is due to the higher prices the RM is obliged to pay its suppliers. The increases also include an adjustment in the RM’s bi-monthly administration fee, from $10 to $20.
Hebermehl said a “substantial increase for the Battleford Trail and Industrial Park water system is recommended to bring the rates up to current market standards, as well as to assist the Battleford Trail Water System in the funding of capital upgrades required in 2018 as a result of a compliance audit conducted by the Water Security Agency.”
The percentage increase in the rates for the industrial park is also comparatively larger because it is spread out among a smaller number of users.
The RM of Corman Park issues water utility invoices every two months.
A chart outlining the estimated monthly water cost for users in the five municipally-operated water utilities was presented to the Deember 4 counci meeting.
Based on average monthly consumption, the estimated monthly cost ranges from $63.40 in Battleford Trail to $199.80 for the North Corman Industrial Park.
A chart comparing water utility costs for Corman Park’s five utilities, Warman, Martensville, Osler, Dundurn Rural Water Utility and InterValley Water Utility was tabled at the council meeting.
The table showed varying rates charged by each municipality depending on the amount of water consumed.