Asquith transfer station in the works

The Asquith transfer station on the western edge of the RM of Corman Park should be operational in the early part of 2018.
At the RM of Corman Park council meeting on Monday, December 4, Division 8 councilor Wendy Trask said residents in her area are anxious to find out the progress being made on the project.
The former Asquith landfill has been closed for some time now and the transfer station is being built as a result of an agreement between Corman Park and the Town of Asquith.
Corman Park Public Works Director Craig Hebermehl said a compound fence around the perimeter of the property is being installed this week.
The land for the transfer station still needs to be rezoned to accommodate the new use. That motion for rezoning is expected to come before the RM council in January or early February, according to Corman Park Administrator Adam Tittemore.
Hebermehl confirmed there is some garbage at the site, and the RM public works department will clean up the area once the transfer station is fully operational. There will be a cost-recovery fee for landowners in the RM of Corman Park to use the new transfer station.