Construction healthy despite economic slowdown

Construction of single-family homes in Warman and Martensville is on par with last year’s numbers.

Residential construction is continuing in the Lake Vista neighbourhood of Martensville

But there are fewer multi-family dwellings being built in both cities in 2017.
Statistics from the City of Warman and City of Martensville indicate both communities are still growing at a healthy pace despite a slowdown in the overall provincial economy.
From January 1 to October 26, Warman issued 47 building permits for single-family residences.
A total of 12 building permits (24 units) were issued for duplexes and semi-detached homes, and one permit for a four-plex (4 units).
Warman also saw 22 commercial building permits issued, along with 177 residential renovation permits issued so far in 2017.
The total value of the 264 building permits issued to date is $29,190,151.
By comparison, Warman issued 266 building permits for the same period in 2016 (January 1 to October 26) worth a total value of $26,378,658. This included 67 single and multi-family dwellings.
Martensville saw building permits issued for 44 single-family homes between the beginning of January and the end of September, 2017. This compares to 47 single-family homes built during all of 2016.
The number of multi-family residences, however, is down this year compared to last. Between January and September, 2017, there were 25 multi-family homes built, compared to 113 for all of 2016.
Martensville has seen 13 building permits issued for commercial and industrial buildings so far in 2017. That’s two more than all of 2016, when there were 11 commercial and industrial permits issued.
So far this year, Martensville has issued a total of 205 permits for construction, renovations and additions, with a total value of $16,081,792.13.
Last year, the total value of all construction permits for the entire 12-month period was $32,942,090.
In 2015, Martensville set a record for total value of construction permits at $63,562,469.