Martensville set to extend boundaries

The City of Martensville will nearly double its total land area once the annexation process for 47 separate parcels of land is completed.
Martensville City Council voted at its regular meeting on Tuesday, June 20 to approve an application for annexation of selected properties within the city’s future growth area.
The next step in the process is a series of public consultations, a public hearing at a future council meeting, and a complementary resolution from the RM of Corman Park.
The latest annexation process began in January 2016, when the city endorsed a Future Growth Study, which assessed the land surrounding the municipality for potential expansion and development. Extensive consultation has taken place over the past 18 months with the landowners and also with the RM of Corman Park.
Included in the annexation proposal are city-owned lands within the RM that are currently used for city-owned facilities, including the sewage lagoon and the new cemetery. According to a city administration report to council, the proposed boundary alteration would provide enough development capacity for the next 20 years.
To support this future growth, the city has initiated a number of studies to map out future infrastructure needs for transportation, utilities, drainage and recreation.
The proposed boundary alteration is intended to take effect following approval by the provincial government. The RM of Corman Park would collect tax loss compensation at the time of a boundary alteration to provide the RM with financial resources for investment elsewhere in the RM to make up the lost tax revenue a result of the boundary alteration.
The RM’s tax loss compensation, which does not include things like road rights-of-way, is based on 22.5 times the municipal portion of the taxes.
The last boundary alteration for Martensville was in 2008, when the Black Iron Crossing lands were annexed. Since then, the P4G regional planning process has increased the level of communication between adjacent municipalities in the Saskatoon region.
The P4G regional plan is slated to be unveiled this week at a public meeting in Martensville.