Rosthern dance recital a beautiful showcase

These charmers demonstrated their fancy footwork at the Rosthern School of Dance yearend recital May 13 and 14 at the Station Arts Centre.

The Rosthern School of Dance (RSOD) Recital presented three shows for their year-end recital on May 13 and 14, to accommodate all the interest.

“We have done that because we want to be in the Station Arts Centre because it’s so beautiful,” said president Jacquie Thiessen. “The facility was designed for things like dancing but it does have a limited seating capacity of 160.” Nobody seemed to mind the three shows. Tickets were sold out and the kids were on board.

The school has about 65 students from age three up to high school grads. Thiessen says this year, the kids’ strength and skill improved a great deal. “Everybody commented on it. It was kind of neat! It almost took your breath away to watch those kids.”

Lyrical, hiphop, contemporary and ballet are some of the styles of dance offered at the school. The youngest or ‘baby’ classes typically have huge enrolment. The school also offers adult classes like hiphop or jazz. “We have people asking for an adult tap class which would be hilarious,” Thiessen said.

The dance school has taken the exciting step of purchasing their own studio. In a few days, on June 1, they’ll take possession of the former Seventh Day Adventist Church in Rosthern.

“We’ve done a lot of fund raising campaigns and publicity stuff. Getting our own studio is our biggest, most exciting news this year!” Thiessen said. The building is in good shape, she said, and will be renovated to create two studios – one upstairs and one on the lower level. They’ll be sharing the space with the Dolyna Ukrainian Dancers.

Dance instructors are often young and in transition and they move on to other things. The school operated with one instructor this past year, which produced an unexpected reward.

“There was such a strong feeling of community and teamwork. Everybody really pulled together and of all the recitals, this year was the most fun by far,” Thiessen. “The kids were singing all the songs backstage and having so much fun. They didn’t mind doing three shows.”

That strong community feeling is the result of being in a small town where dancers also participate in a range of other things. “You do everything, you do music lessons and take dance and play almost every sport. Here you’re all friends, you work together, you go to school together, you play on the same soccer or ball team so you get to know each other really well.”

“We have one little dancer this year who got signed to a national talent show and modeling competition in Toronto. Everybody’s cheering for her,” said Thiessen.

The Rosthern School of Dance is currently looking for an additional dance instructor. They’ll be opening in their new location in September.