New K-12 school to be built in Rosthern

A new K-12 school will be built to replace the existing Rosthern Elementary School (above) and also the existing Rosthern High School

A new K-12 school will be built in Rosthern to replace the existing elementary and high schools, both of which have serious structural deficiencies due to their age.
The announcement was contained in the provincial budget unveiled by Finance Minister Kevin Doherty on Wednesday, March 22.
In a phone interview following the budget speech, Education Minister Don Morgan confirmed the project is a priority for the coming year.
“As we went through the budget finalization process, it became very apparent that there is an immediate need for a new school in Rosthern,” said Morgan. “It is definitely at the top of the list.”
The government also announced a new school for the community of Weyburn. Morgan said a total of $2.1 million worth of planning dollars has been allocated for both projects. Construction funds will be allocated at a future time. He noted the planning process for the Rosthern school, which will be a “traditional build” by the Ministry of Education and not a P3 project, is likely to cost about $1.5 million. The project includes the demolition of the existing schools. It is not clear at this point where the new school will be located.
Environment Minister Scott Moe is the MLA for Rosthern constituency. He said discussions on the need for a new school have been ongoing for many years, and he’s happy to see the project get the go-ahead.
“The dollars are committed to start this project,” Moe said. “It takes about a year to go through the community consultations, design process, and tendering process. Construction will begin as soon as possible.”
Rosthern Mayor Dennis Helmuth said the new school is badly needed.
“It’s readily apparent that these facilities are at the end of their life cycle,” said Helmuth. “They’re literally crumbling. Our school population is growing considerably, and there is a lot of opportunity in our town and region. We need more capacity to accommodate that growth.”
Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) Board of Education Chair Larry Pavloff said the announcement is “extremely good news” for the community and the school division.
“We couldn’t be happier to hear that,” said Pavloff in an interview on March 23, the day after the budget. “We have been repairing and patching both those buildings for many years, but they’ve gotten to the point where patches don’t work anymore. A new building is needed as soon as possible.”
Rosthern town councillor Kate Kading said the community and school division have a long-standing partnership.
“A number of years ago, we had built a hall attached to the elementary school under a joint-use agreement,” said Kading. “We’re in discussions now about the possibility of that facility being incorporated and utilized in any new building.”