Warman firefighters battle grass fire, house fire in quick succession

Warman firefighters responded to a house fire on Main Street in Warman on Tuesday afternoon, July 25.
The fire was quickly brought under control and was confined to an attached garage and the common wall between the garage and the house. No adjacent homes were threatened. No one was injured in the incident.

Warman firefighters don their turnout gear and self-contained breathing apparatus outside a house fire in Warman on Tuesday, July 25

The home that caught fire is an older building.
Firefighters received the call at about 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25.
At that time, they had just finished extinguishing a grass fire in the RM of Corman Park about three kilometers east of Highway 11 on Township Road 382. That grass fire, which was apparently started when an electrical transformer on a power pole blew, was fanned by high winds. The grass fire call was called in at about 2:00 p.m.. on July 25.
SaskPower crews and Corman Park Police service were also on the scene of the grass fire. SaskPower technicians were able to repair the burned transformer and restore power to areas that were affected by the isolated power outage.
Warman firemen were able to extinguish the grassfire in a matter of minutes, preventing the blaze from spreading to a farmyard which would have been directly in the path of the fire if it had gotten any larger.

Warman firefighters extinguished a grass fire in the RM of Corman Park on Tuesday, July 25

Almost all available members from Warman Fire Rescue were on the scene of the grassfire. While they rushed to the house fire in Warman, two firefighters who were still in town went to the fire hall to pick up turnout gear and self-contained breathing apparatus for their colleagues.

Warman Fire Chief Russ Austin said the fire started in the garage, although the cause of the blaze is undetermined and is under investigation. He estimated the damage at about $20,000.

Austin said it was fortunate the garage door was closed at the time of the fire, noting it prevented the flames from spreading. Fire crews were able to apply flame-retardant foam to the exterior of the building before attacking it on the inside.

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UPDATED: Road, railway now open following gas leak at Warman

The south access road to Warman is now open to traffic.

A major leak in a high-pressure natural gas line had forced the closure of the road for about three hours on Monday afternoon, July 24.

The gas leak was reported at about 12:30 p.m. on Monday, July 24, and Warman Fire Department were on scene shortly afterward. The south access road was closed at 12:45 p.m. and reopened at 3:45 p.m. Warman Fire Department personnel cordoned off an area within a radius of half a kilometer of the site of the leak.

The leak was located on a main high-pressure SaskEnergy natural gas line running through a new industrial area being developed in the south end of Warman.  Warman Fire Department personnel asked the public to stay away from the area. Rail traffic on the north-south line south of Warman was also shut down while SaskEnergy personnel shut off the gas, dug up the line and replaced the section of pipe that was leaking.

A strong westerly wind was one of the factors that emergency personnel were dealing with.

A high-pressure natural gas line leak south of Warman has resulted in the closure of the south access road into the community. Motorists are advised to stay away from the area.
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Warman Fire Hall expansion adds capacity

A $400,000 expansion to the Warman Fire Hall will help firefighters shave precious minutes off their response times to emergency calls, according to Warman Fire Chief Russ Austin.

The two new bays on the north end of the Warman Fire Hall will provide enough capacity to serve the community for the next twenty years

Two additional bays, each measuring 20 feet wide and 80 feet long, with overhead doors at both ends, are currently under construction on the north end of the fire hall. The project by general contractor Fire Cliff Developments is about 50 per cent complete, and firefighters are hoping to be using the new bays by the end of the summer.
Austin said the additional bays will allow the fire department to have all its vehicles ready to go at a moment’s notice when a call comes in. Currently, vehicles sometimes have to be moved to allow needed equipment to exit the building.
“We use different vehicles for different calls, depending on what’s needed,” said Austin. “It could be a medical call, a wildland fire, or a structure fire. Sometimes our initial response time is delayed a bit if we have to move certain vehicles to get at other ones.
“Once this addition is done, we won’t have to do that anymore. We can save several minutes on response time, and in a world where minutes can save lives, that’s pretty important.” Continue reading “Warman Fire Hall expansion adds capacity”

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