Chemical plant fire extinguished, investigation underway

Preliminary damages resulting from the fire on Wanuskewin Road are estimated to be $20,000.  Saskatoon Fire Department fire investigators will be working with Akzo Nobel staff to determine what caused the surfactant to ignite.

The Saskatoon Fire Department responded at 4:10 a.m. to a fire at the Akzo Nobel Chemical facility on Wanuskewin Road. 

Fire crews were presented with a 2500 gallon tank containing a combustible liquid equipped with venting through a roof of the building and burning at the termination of the vent at atmosphere.  The tank was approximately 40% full at the time of the fire.

The heat radiating from the vent ignited adjacent combustible roofing materials which was quickly brought under control. 

The fire is now extinguished.   All roads have been opened.

Roadside memorial for victims of impaired driving unveiled

Saskatchewan’s first roadside memorial signs for victims of impaired driving were unveiled on Tuesday, August 29 to honour the memory of the Van de Vorst family.
In January, 2016, Jordan and Chanda Van de Vorst, and their two children, Kamryn, 5, and Miguire, 2, were killed by an impaired driver.

Family members gather at the unveiling of a roadside memorial to the Van de Vorst family on Tuesday, August 29

Roadside memorial signs showing the family’s names and MADD Canada’s red ribbon were installed on both the north-bound and south-bound lanes of Highway 11 near the Wanuskewin Road intersection. The signs will serve as a symbol of remembrance and a reminder to the public about the dangers of impaired driving.
At an unveiling ceremony on August 29, Linda Van de Vorst, Jordan’s mother, said not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of the loved ones who were stolen from her and her family.
“I always wondered why someone was not bold enough to take Ms. McKay’s keys away from her and help her find another ride home,” said Linda. “I hope and pray that these signs unveiled today will be a powerful tool and another giant step in making individuals aware that the names on these signs are real people who had their lives snuffed away in the blink of an eye.
“Life is very precious. We seldom have a second chance, so let’s make the right decision the first time.” Continue reading “Roadside memorial for victims of impaired driving unveiled”

Two-vehicle collision at Highway 11 and Wanuskewin Road

Emergency responders attend to a collision at Highway 11 and Wanuskewin Road on Friday, July 14

Warman RCMP, Saskatoon Fire Department and MD Ambulance personnel responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 11 and Wanuskewin Road on Friday, July 14. The incident occurred at about 3:00 p.m. when a Dodge SUV and a Dodge Ram half-ton collided. The half-ton ended up in the ditch on the south side of the divided highway. Traffic was restricted on the northeast-bound lanes as emergency personnel attended to the occupants of the vehicles and police conducted their investigation.