Rosthern Hospital X-ray equipment gets digital upgrade

Rosthern Hospital will be upgrading its x-ray equipment from film to digital

Rosthern Hospital will be getting its x-ray equipment upgraded from film to digital images, supporting quicker diagnosis and improved care for patients. Continue reading “Rosthern Hospital X-ray equipment gets digital upgrade”

Broncos’ athletic therapist passes away

Dayna Brons passed away April 11 from injuries sustained in a horrific bus crash April 6

The family of Dayna Brons, the Humboldt Broncos’ athletic therapist injured in the bus crash April 6, would like to share that Dayna passed away peacefully this afternoon as a result of her injuries. Continue reading “Broncos’ athletic therapist passes away”

Four Broncos bus crash victims still in critical condition

In response to the huge outpouring of public support and concern for the patients and families affected by the tragic Humboldt Broncos accident, Saskatchewan Health Authority is providing an update on patients being cared for and their condition, working within privacy legislation.

Continue reading “Four Broncos bus crash victims still in critical condition”