Firefighters battle residential fire in Warman

Warman and Osler firefighters battled a residential fire on 7th Avenue North in Warman around noon on Thursday, August 31.
Warman Fire Department Chief Russ Austin said the fire was caused by careless disposal of smoking material.

Warman firefighters chop a hole in the roof to gain access to the attic fire

The fire started on the deck and spread to the house.
“It started the rear of the house on fire and when we arrived here it was already burning throughout the house inside the attic,” said Austin.
A crew of firefighters in a pumper truck and two rescue units arrived on the scene shortly after it was called in about 11:45 a.m.
When firefighters arrived, smoke could be seen coming out of vents in the roof of the building. Continue reading “Firefighters battle residential fire in Warman”

Groundbreaking app allows firefighters to detect radiation

Dalmeny Deputy Fire Chief Wilbur Hueser inspects a ‘GammaGuard’ radiation detection kit

Firefighters in the Saskatoon region can now quickly assess radiation levels at an emergency scene and determine if it’s safe for rescuers to move in, thanks to a recently-developed smartphone app and a specially-designed mobile analysis kit.
A total of ten cutting-edge “GammaGuard” kits, developed by a Saskatoon-based company, Environmental Instruments Canada (EIC), and supplied by the federal department of national defense, are now deployed in the region. The Saskatoon Fire Department has five; while Warman, Martensville, Dalmeny, Langham and Osler fire departments have one kit each. An additional ten kits are also being used by the Regina Fire Department.
The kits are designed to give emergency responders an accurate reading of whether radiation is present, as well as the level and type of radiation being emitted at the scene. This allows them to make informed decisions about how to proceed while ensuring the safety of accident victims, rescue personnel and the general public.
“It’s basically a quick way to determine if it’s a ‘go or no-go’ situation,” said EIC President Kai Kaletsch. “This particular technology is based on an app that you can download onto your phone. You need to cover the lens of the camera on the phone, and the app will use the camera itself as a radiation detector.
“It’s not super-sensitive, but it’s sensitive enough to tell you if you’re safe or not.
“It’s designed so that first responders can put the hazard and risk into perspective. The idea is to have a very low-cost solution that can be rolled out to everyone.” Continue reading “Groundbreaking app allows firefighters to detect radiation”

Osler students learn rules of the road at bicycle rodeo

Osler School students participate in a bicycle rodeo in Osler on Thursday, May 18

Osler School students won’t be running stop signs on their bikes anymore, thanks to a crash course on cycling safety on Thursday, May 18.
The school held a day-long bike rodeo in cooperation with the Osler Fire Department and the town council, using equipment and advice from the Warman Fire Department.
“The town had brought some concerns to us earlier this spring about bicycle safety,” said Osler School Principal Audrey Kampen in an interview at the event. “A lot of kids take it for granted that they own the road.
“I’ve seen kids, when they leave on their bikes after school, drive straight through two stop signs without even looking. That’s a real problem, and we felt we needed to do something about it by giving the kids some education about the rules of the road.” Continue reading “Osler students learn rules of the road at bicycle rodeo”