Editorial: Lower speed zone a good idea

Saskatoon motorists heading to the lakes on Highway 11 over the Victoria Day long weekend probably had to hit the brakes and reduce their speed just a little bit north of Warman.
Surprise! The provincial Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure instituted a 90 kilometer per hour speed limit in the vicinity of the Highway 11 junction with Highway 305, where a new overpass is being built.
According to a spokesperson with the Highways Ministry, the reduced speed zone is due to the overpass construction, and is expected to remain in effect until the project is completed in the fall of 2019. Continue reading “Editorial: Lower speed zone a good idea”

Winter weights delayed

Winter Weight allowances will be delayed to December 15 as temperatures continue to be warmer than usual.
During this time, provincial highways are continuously monitored and winter weights will be allowed as soon as highways can handle the weight without risk of undue road damage.
While the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure is conscious of the cost savings for allowing heavier weights on the secondary highway network, it is equally important to ensure that roadbeds are sufficiently frozen to support the additional weight and to avoid potential damage.