Lake Vista Elementary, Ecole Holy Mary schools officially open

Two years after ground was broken to mark the start of construction, Lake Vista Elementary School and Ecole Holy Mary School are now officially open in Martensville’s newest residential neighbourhood.

Lake Vista Grade 2 student Arianna Brymer and Ecole Holy Mary School student Ella Wagner cut the ribbon with help from Prinicipals Luisa Giocoli and Chris Mason, as well as Nancy Heppner and Don Morgan

A grand opening ceremony was held Tuesday, September 19 at the school’s large shared gymnasium.
Two plaques marking the occasion were unveiled and a ribbon was cut by dignitaries with the aid of students from both schools.
Provincial Energy and Resources Minister Nancy Heppner, who is also the MLA for Martensville-Warman, said the schools fill a vital role in the growing city. Continue reading “Lake Vista Elementary, Ecole Holy Mary schools officially open”

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Martensville endorses P4G draft regional plan

The City of Martensville has officially endorsed in principle the draft Partnership for Growth (P4G) regional plan.
Martensville city council adopted a resolution to that effect at its regular meeting on Tuesday, September 5.
Martensville is one of five municipalities within the P4G partnership. The others are Warman, Osler, Corman Park and Saskatoon. Similar motions of endorsement of the P4G plan are expected to come before these councils in the coming weeks.
“It’s been a long process,” said Martensville Mayor Kent Muench in an interview following the council vote. “There have been a number of open houses, people have seen the land use map and the regional plan, and there’s been a lot of discussion on this.
“It’s never an easy thing to have five diverse municipalities all working together to achieve mutually-beneficial goals, and I think we’ve achieved something very substantial here.” Continue reading “Martensville endorses P4G draft regional plan”

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Martensville overpass project could be completed next year

A proposal to close the intersection of Main Street and Centennial Drive in Martensville for a 30-day period in the spring of 2018 could potentailly result in the completion of the Highway 12 overpass project a year ahead of schedule

Some short-term pain could result in a long-term gain for Martensville residents.
A proposal that would result in the Martensville Highway 12-Main Street overpass completed about a year ahead of schedule is currently being fine-tuned by the project’s design-build contractor.
A senior representative of Peter Kiewit Sons ULC, the company doing the design-build for both the Martensville and Warman overpass projects, told the Martensville City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 20 that the company’s engineers have a “window of opportunity” in the next few weeks to implement key “staging changes” to the original plan.
The proposal would involve modifications to previously-planned traffic detours while getting the overpass bridge and ramps “prepped and ready to go.” The big difference, he noted, would be that under the new plan, there would be a “full closure” of the Main Street – Centennial Drive intersection for a period of 30 days. That closure would likely happen at the beginning of the construction season in 2018. Continue reading “Martensville overpass project could be completed next year”

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