Ethanol, high-protein plant in works for Clavet

A proposed $325-million cogeneration plant near Clavet will produce fuel-grade ethanol, high-protein animal feed and electricity, while providing a market for feed-quality barley and peas.

An artist’s conception of the proposed $325 million Prairie Green Renewable Energy cogeneration plant near Clavet

The Prairie Green Renewable Energy (PGRE) plant has been in the planning stages for about ten years. The project, which would be located in the RM of Blucher adjacent to the eastern boundary of the RM of Corman Park, received conditional zoning approval for heavy industrial from the RM of Blucher last October. Environmental studies for the project were conducted by Clifton Associates.
The PGRE project proponents have an option on a parcel of land near the Cargill canola-crushing plant. The site was chosen because of its proximity to two major railway lines, a major highway, a natural gas pipeline and water pipelines, according to PGRE President and CEO Richard Hopp.
“This project is different from a traditional ethanol plant,” said Hopp in an interview at an open house outlining the proposed project in Clavet on Wednesday, July 26.
“This is a next generation plant where we’re producing three valuable products.
“The main ones are fuel-grade ethanol for the domestic market, high-protein animal feed, and surplus electricity to be sold back to the provincial SaskPower grid.”
The project developers are currently putting the finishing touches on long-term bank financing, and are looking to begin construction of the plant in the spring of 2018. Continue reading “Ethanol, high-protein plant in works for Clavet”

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Clavet youth enjoys supercross experience

Chase Loy of Clavet competed at the KTM Junior SX Challenge in Atlanta, Georgia in late Feburary

Chase Loy of Clavet had an experience of a lifetime, competing on the national stage of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship racing series, and he is only seven-years old.
During the intermission of the Atlanta Supercross event, in late February, Loy was able to race against others his age as part of the KTM Junior SX Challenge.
The KTM Junior SX Challenge was only open to seven and eight-year-olds. Once they sent in an application for that event then it was just a luck of a draw to see who gets to participate.
Fifteen riders were selected for the race, as the Junior SX Challenge only happens during 10 events during the supercross championship racing series, which consists of 17 venues overall.
A few requirements had to be met during the application process to be even entered in that draw.
“Chase … had to provide a letter from his teacher saying that he had above average grades in school, he had to get a letter from a doctor saying that he was within a certain weight and height restriction. And then he had to provide a rider’s resume saying that he had previous riding experience,” said Chase’s mom Beth Loy.
Chase has been involved in the motocross sport for two years and he says he is enjoying it as this is the biggest event he has raced in so far.
For the race in Atlanta he had little time to train. Even though he applied for the program before Christmas they were told that he was selected for it at the beginning of February.
“Regan (Chase’s dad) made Chase an ice track so we got some studded tires for his bike,” Beth said. “We have a slough out in our back yard and he practiced on an ice track to get some seat time before the race.”
Once Chase got to the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, he was immersed in what goes behind the scenes of a race and what the professionals experience as well.
“The day we show up, they get outfitted with all their gear and then they have mechanics, and a pit crew. They get treated like a pro,” said Chase’s dad Regan.
The bike that Chase rode was supplied and the gear he wore, he got to keep, which included the jersey, pants, and gloves. He also got to keep the Go-Pro camera that was on his helmet during the race.
One of Chase’s favorite parts of this whole experience was meeting with the professional riders. His favourite riders included Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin and Trey Canard, as they are some the top athletes of the sport.
Chase was also on the big screen and waved to the fans and signed some autographs as well.
“There was a 1,000 pages to sign,” Chase said
Chase placed 8th out of 15 riders. He was the only rider from Canada in this particular Junior SX Challenge.
Chase said he tries to get an early edge on his opponents by getting the “holeshot,” which is the first rider to reach the first corner after the starting gate.
Chase has never experienced something like this and this experience definitely helped him become better at the sport as he plans on doing it for a long time. He said that his dad is going to make a track on their acreage, so he’ll get in a lot of practice.
Even though Chase is still very young this event in Atlanta will be probably one of his best experiences in the motocross sport.
“It’s a once in a lifetime experience, (for) the seven and eight’s and after that you can’t apply for it again,” Regan said. “So unless you go pro you’ll never do that again. You don’t have the opportunity to ride on the same track as the pros and do all the same stuff. It’s a really big deal, and (he) got to do that.”

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Local athletes to compete in Sask First hockey tournament

Youths from Martensville, Warman, Hague, Delisle, Saskatoon and other area communities were recently selected to compete in elite-level SaskFirst hockey tournaments slated for Regina laster this spring.
The Midget male tournament runs from March 30 to April 6, and the Bantam male tournament will take place from April 14 to 16.
Each division features 160 athletes (80 from the north and 80 from the south)
The U18 Female and U16 Female tournaments are both scheduled for Regina from April 6 to 9.
The SaskFirst High Performance Program begins every December with zone camps held across the province and are open to all players in the U16 category. From there, the top players are invited to take part in the SaskFirst Tournament held in April, at which time the top 42 are chosen to attend the upcoming summer camp. The process ensures all players not only have the opportunity to compete with their peers, but receive significant exposure as all Sask First events are highly attended by scouts from a variety of elite leagues. In addition, the SaskFirst Program is a gateway to Hockey Canada’s High Performance Program which includes their National Teams such as the World Juniors.
The athletes selected include:
SaskFirst Bantam Male
Chase Hamm (Corman Park Stoon Generals)
Pierson Marquette (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Logan Holm (S’toon, Saskatoon Outlaws)
Teagan Koehler (Saskatoon, S’toon Maniacs)
Austin Tkachuk (Warman, SK Valley Vipers)
Kaedan Watkins (S’toon, S’toon Generals)
Warner Bristow (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Logan Gable (S’toon, Saskatoon Stallions)
Jesse Nash (Warman, Sask Valley Vipers)
Darian Noln-Ens (Warman, Warman Lynx)
Cohner Saleski (S’toon, Saskatoon Stallions)
Darius Sawatzky (Hague, Sask Valley Vipers)
Quinn Strang (S’toon, Saskatoon Generals)
Brandon Von Hagen (Saskatoon, Maniacs)
Matthew Hennessey (Warman, SV Vipers)
Carson Mausch (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Tom Cadieux (Saskatoon, Notre Dame)
Jordan Edwards (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Jackson Hardy (S’toon, S’toon Maniacs)
Chase Taggart (Martensville, SV Vipers)
Cole Youngman (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Ryan Conlon (Warman), Sask Valley Vipers
Josh Groenwold (S’toon, S’toon Maniacs)
Tiarnan Higgs (Warman, Sask Valley Vipers)
Charlie Keller (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Josh Pillar (Warman, Sask Valley Vipers)
Alec Saretzky (S’toon, Saskatoon Maniacs)
Nolan Sparks (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Carter Stebbings (S’toon, S’toon Maniacs)
Tyson Wouters (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Ethan Hein (S’toon, S’toon Maniacs)
Dylan Ashe (Warman, SaskValley Vipers)
Boston Bayly (Warman, Warman Lynx)
Brayden Deck (S’toon, S’toon Generals)
Graham Skinner (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Walter Somers (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Rhett Gibson (S’toon, S’toon Maniacs)
Aaron Lorenz (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Levi Morley (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Josh Paulhus (S’toon, S’toon Generals)
Robert Pizzey (Langham, Sask Valley Vipers)
Dylan Scriven (Saskatoon, Notre Dame)
Conrad Timmerman (S’toon Generals)
Carter Serhyenko (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Ethan Grabowski (Corman Park, SV Vipers)
Aidan Hydomako (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Anthony Toporowski (S’toon Generals)
Michael Flaman (S‘toon, S’toon Outlaws)
James Form (S’toon, S’toon Outlaws)
Jaxon Martens (Warman, Sask Valley Vipers)
Boston Maxwell (S’toon, S’toon Stallions)
Prescot Senger (Clavet, Clavet Cougars)
Darian Sexsmith (Hepburn, SV Vipers)
Benjamin Zerebeski (S’toon Outlaws)
SaskFirst Midget Male
Jake Davidson (Osler, Warman Wildcats)
Steven Duchscher (S’toon Sabercats)
Dallen Erickson (S’toon, S’toon Icehawks)
McKenzie Neufeld (Outlook,MV Marauders)
Eastin Normand (S’toon, Saskatoon Steel)
Jake Schlosser (S’toon, S’toon Steel)
Austin Underwood (Warman, W. Wildcats)
Chase Gallant (S’toon, S’toon Riverkings)
Landis Haeusler (S’toon, MV Marauders)
Dylan Marien (S’toon, S’toon Sabercats)
Conor Prosofsky (Hanley, M’ville Marauders)
Ben Reid (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Steel)
Tristan Shewchuk (S’toon River Kings)
Morgan Venne (S’toon Screaming Eagles)
Jordan Berschiminsky (S’toon Icehawks)
Joseph Hockley (S’toon, S’toon Riverkings)
Ethan Neufeld (Warman, Warman Wildcats)
Luke Brossart (S’toon, Saskatoon Icehawks)
Triton Fele (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Steel)
Holden Knights (Warman Wildcats)
Carter Rain (Corman Pk, Screaming Eagles)
Mason Slater (Corman Park, Ice Hawks)
Adam Dmyterko (S’toon Screaming Eagles)
Tyson Chretien (Saskatoon, S’toon Steel)
Nathanial Mock (Grandora), MV Marauders)
John Usselman (Saskatoon, S’toon Fury)
Jay Vellacott (S’tn, Martensville Marauders)
Kaden Wesolowski (S’toon Sabercats)
Christian Albertson (S’toon Riverkings)
Boston Bird (Saskatoon, S’toon Ice Hawks)
Matthew Conlon (Warman, W’man Wildcats)
Nathanael Daku (Martensville Marauders)
Luke Dyer (S’toon, S’toon Riverkings)
Jarrett Penner (S’toon, S’toon Sabercats)
Jamison Sowers (S’toon Screaming Eagles)
Rhett Arnold (Saskatoon), Saskatoon Steel
Jackson Helperl (Martensville Marauders)
Brody Lee (Martensville, MV Marauders)
Ayden Cummins (S’toon, MV Marauders)
Nolan Haugen (Hawarden), MV Marauders)
Dallyn Panchuk (S’toon, S’toon Riverkings)
Kristopher Prosofsky (S’toon, S’toon Steel)
Hunter Sack (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Steel)
Cayden Schmautz (S’toon, S’toon Steel)
Michael Spafford (S’toon, S’toon Icehawks)
Mark Walchuk (S’toon, Warman Wildcats)
SaskFirst U16 Female
Arden Kliewer (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Stars)
Halle Bowles (S’toon, Saskatoon Crusaders)
Emma DeCorby (S’toon, WC Wheat Kings)
Kalli Hiebert (S’toon, Saskatoon Impact)
Ryleigh White (Warman, Battleford Sharks)
Kate Zemlak (S’toon, Saskatoon Jackals)
Kaylee Baun (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Gwyneth Pritchard (S’toon, S’toon Impact)
Haylie Biever (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
McKenzie Mayo (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Ava Wagner (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Logan Halter (Martensville, S’toon Impact)
Caelie Illerbrun (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Makena Kushniruk (S’toon, S’toon Impact)
Jordyn Thomas (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Jessica Warren (Martensville, CometImpact)
Layne Ziola (Saskatoon, S’toon Impact)
Janae Neufeld (Saskatoon, S’toon Impact)
Chantel Weller (S’toon, Battleford Sharks)
Paige Cox (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Chaos)
Kailee Pepple (S’toon, Saskatoon Chargers)
Bridget Rezansoff (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Arin Amson (Radisson, Saskatoon Fire)
Kailey Ledoux (S’toon, Saskatoon Chargers)
Paris Oleksyn (S’toon, Saskatoon Chargers)
Alison Olorenshaw (S’toon, Comet Impact)
Dani-Rae Day (S’toon, Saskatoon Chaos)
Madison Glynn (S’toon, Saskatoon Impact)
Emily Holmes (S’toon, Saskatoon Chargers)
Jasper Desmarais (S’tn, Prince Albert Bears)
Anica Gauthier (S’toon, S’toon Chargers)
Mackenzie Goebel (Warman, S’toon Chaos)
Haley Kicia (S’toon, Saskatoon Chargers)
SaskFirst U18 Female
Grace Tam (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Stars)
Kate Wagner (S’toon, Prince Albert Bears)
Dana Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatoon Stars)
Kate Ball (Saskatoon, Prince Albert Bears)
Danielle Bertoncini (Martensville, Legends
Miranda Heidt (S’toon, Prince Albert Bears )
Kaitlin Jockims (Saskatoon, S’toon Stars)
Kassidy Kicia (S’toon, Prince Albert Bears)
Jadyn Kushniruk (Saskatoon, PA Bears)
Anna Leschyshyn (Grasswood), S’toon Stars)
Alyssa Roach (S’toon, Battlefords Sharks)
Jayda Sachs (Warman), Saskatoon Stars
Amara Lewendon (S’ktn, Swift Cur Wildcats)
Jordan Ashe (Warman, Prince Albert Bears)
Abby DeCorby (S’toon, Saskatoon Stars)
Keara Amson (Radisson, Battleford Sharks)
Brooklyn Colborn (Delisle, SC Wildcats)
Ensley Fendelet (S’toon, Battleford Sharks)
Joelle Fiala (Clavet, Saskatoon Stars)
Story Navrot (Martensville, PA Bears)

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