Badminton playoffs to commence soon

Michael Wiebe of Hague High School uses his full concentration while trying to hit the birdie during a junior badminton game, in the mixed doubles category, at Warman High School on Wednesday, April 12

With the final games of the badminton regular season all wrapped up, the Central Valley Athletic Conference’s (CVAC) playoffs are about to start in both the senior and junior divisions.
The junior badminton playoffs get underway on Tuesday, April 25. That division is split up into two conferences of four groups as there are no more than four schools in one group.
In each group there are five categories which include boys doubles, girls doubles, mixed doubles, boys singles and girls singles.
In conference A, Allan is hosting group one as Asquith and Hanley are the other schools competing in that group. Group two consists of Colonsay, Aberdeen and Langham as the games will be played at Colonsay School. Venture Heights, Clavet, Leask and Vanscoy make up group three and they will be playing at Venture Heights school in Martensville. And Osler School will be hosting group four as the other teams in that group are Laird, Stobart and Valley Christian Academy (VCA).
In conference B, Group five is made up of teams from Hague High, Constable Robin Cameron Education Complex (CRCEC), Martensville High and Rosthern High as Hague School is hosting that group. Blaine Lake, Dalmeny and Hepburn will be playing in group six as they will be competing at Blaine Lake Composite School.
In group seven, Delisle, Borden, Perdue and Valley Manor will be competing at Delisle Composite School. And finally group eight, will be playing at Warman High School as Vonda and Waldheim are the other badminton clubs in that group.
All of those playoff games begin at 2 p.m.
The playoffs continue on Thursday, April 27 at 2 p.m.
The top two teams in each category in Conference A will be playing at Lord Asquith School and the top two clubs in each category from Conference B will be competing at Rosthern High School.
The top three teams of each category of each conference will advance to the CVAC District Junior Badminton Championship on Saturday, April 29, at Martensville High School. The tournament gets under way at 10 a.m.
The senior badminton playoffs start on Wednesday April 26. There are six groups and the top two qualifiers from the mixed doubles, boys doubles, girls doubles, boys singles and girls singles divisions will advance to the CVAC District Senior Badminton Championship.
Group one consists of Blaine Lake, Clavet, Leask and Stobart as the games are taking place at Blaine Lake Composite School.
Colonsay, Asquith, Langham and VCA make up group two and they will be playing at Colonsay School. Group three will actually play on Thursday, April 27. Dalmeny, CRCEC, Hague and Martensville High are competing in that group as the tournament is at Dalmeny High School.
Group four will be competing at Hanley School as Delisle, Waldheim. Allan and Hanley are the teams in the group. Perdue, Aberdeen, Hepburn and Rosthern will play at Perdue School as they are part of group five. And finally group six will be playing at Warman High School as Borden, Rosthern Junior College, Vonda and Warman will be competing in the tournament.
The CVAC District Senior Badminton Championship is on Saturday, April 29 at Clavet Composite School and it starts at 10 a.m. The top two teams of each categroy will advance to regional playoffs
The Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) Regional Badminton Championship is in Prince Albert on May 6. The SHSAA Provincial Badminton Championship is on May 13 in Weyburn.