Osler Fire Rescue donates AED to Osler School

Osler FIre Chief Jason Pauls (centre) presents an automated external defibrillator (AED) to Osler School Vice-Principal Glenn Key and Principal Audrey Kampen

A life-saving piece of equipment that’s been on Osler School’s wish list for years is now a reality. Continue reading “Osler Fire Rescue donates AED to Osler School”

Osler students learn rules of the road at bicycle rodeo

Osler School students participate in a bicycle rodeo in Osler on Thursday, May 18

Osler School students won’t be running stop signs on their bikes anymore, thanks to a crash course on cycling safety on Thursday, May 18.
The school held a day-long bike rodeo in cooperation with the Osler Fire Department and the town council, using equipment and advice from the Warman Fire Department.
“The town had brought some concerns to us earlier this spring about bicycle safety,” said Osler School Principal Audrey Kampen in an interview at the event. “A lot of kids take it for granted that they own the road.
“I’ve seen kids, when they leave on their bikes after school, drive straight through two stop signs without even looking. That’s a real problem, and we felt we needed to do something about it by giving the kids some education about the rules of the road.” Continue reading “Osler students learn rules of the road at bicycle rodeo”