SPS air support unit helps RCMP track down suspects

Two people from Saskatoon are facing robbery and drug charges after being apprehended by RCMP officers over the weekend.
On Saturday August 5, 2017 at approximately 11:30 p.m. the Martensville/Warman RCMP were on patrol near the community of Asquith when they noticed a suspicious pickup truck.
According to RCMP Sergeant Chris Cisecki, RCMP members attempted to stop the truck which fled through a ditch at a high rate of speed.
The Saskatoon Police Service’s Air Support Unit heard what was taking place and offered to assist.
The truck was located and followed into Saskatoon by the Air Support Unit until Saskatoon Police Service Patrol members stopped it.
Police investigators determined the truck was stolen out of North Battleford.
Two individuals were arrested and turned over to the Martensville/Warman RCMP for their investigation. Continue reading “SPS air support unit helps RCMP track down suspects”

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‘Mr. Hockey’ donation stolen from Asquith rink

A Detroit Red Wings jersey autographed by Gordie Howe was personally donated by the hockey legend to his relatives in Asquith in March, 2016. The jersey was to be the grand prize in a fundraising lottery next month.

An autographed jersey personally donated by hockey legend Gordie Howe was stolen from the Asquith rink last weekend.
The framed jersey, a gift from ‘Mr. Hockey’ to his family members who live in Asquith, was to be the grand prize in a fundraising lottery later this winter. The theft has left the community devastated.
“This wasn’t just another signed Gordie Howe jersey,” said Blaine Ganchar, an Asquith resident and member of the town’s volunteer fire department. “This was a personal donation from Mr. Hockey to the Asquith rink to support the kids and hockey players who played the sport he so dearly loved.”
Gordie Howe donated the jersey to the community in March 2016, a few months before he passed away. The hockey hall-of-famer’s great grand niece Aella Boldis, and great-grand nephew Ares Boldis, are enrolled in the Asquith Minor Hockey system, and funds from the lottery are slated to be used for repairs and maintenance to the Asquith rink. The Boldis youngsters are the offspring of Howe’s grand-nephew, Chuck Boldis and his wife Shannon. (Chuck’s mother, Diana Boldis is Howe’s niece.)
Warman RCMP officers are investigating the theft, which occurred sometime during the late night hours of Saturday, January 28 and early morning of Sunday, January 30. Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or the Warman-Martensville RCMP at 306-975-1670 or 306-975-1610
Ganchar said the theft was discovered in the early afternoon of Sunday, January 30 by a rink volunteer. The thieves had apparently attempted to gain entry through the front doors of the rink by using a crowbar, but were unsuccessful. They then forced their way into the rink area through a side door. From there they broke into the upstairs lobby and then the concession area, and finally into a locked room where the framed autographed jersey was stored.
“It was obvious they had done this kind of thing before,” said Ganchar. “They had the tools.”
Ganchar said it will be difficult for the thieves to sell the jersey online or through pawn shops because the item will immediately be recognized. The theft has also received widespread media coverage locally and nationally.
Ganchar said the jersey represents a piece of hockey history and its loss has left a huge hole in the community.
“There’s been incidents in the past where the rink has been damaged or vandalized, but there was never anything of real value that was taken,” he said. “This one really hurts very much because it was a personal donation from Gordie Howe himself.”
Ganchar said there has been an “outpouring of support” from people who have heard about the theft.
“The rink has also had a few offers from people who are willing to donate signed Howe jerseys so that our fundraising lottery slated for March can still go ahead,” he said. “That’s very much appreciated, but we’re still very hopeful that the stolen jersey will be recovered somehow.”

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