Groundbreaking app allows firefighters to detect radiation

Dalmeny Deputy Fire Chief Wilbur Hueser inspects a ‘GammaGuard’ radiation detection kit

Firefighters in the Saskatoon region can now quickly assess radiation levels at an emergency scene and determine if it’s safe for rescuers to move in, thanks to a recently-developed smartphone app and a specially-designed mobile analysis kit.
A total of ten cutting-edge “GammaGuard” kits, developed by a Saskatoon-based company, Environmental Instruments Canada (EIC), and supplied by the federal department of national defense, are now deployed in the region. The Saskatoon Fire Department has five; while Warman, Martensville, Dalmeny, Langham and Osler fire departments have one kit each. An additional ten kits are also being used by the Regina Fire Department.
The kits are designed to give emergency responders an accurate reading of whether radiation is present, as well as the level and type of radiation being emitted at the scene. This allows them to make informed decisions about how to proceed while ensuring the safety of accident victims, rescue personnel and the general public.
“It’s basically a quick way to determine if it’s a ‘go or no-go’ situation,” said EIC President Kai Kaletsch. “This particular technology is based on an app that you can download onto your phone. You need to cover the lens of the camera on the phone, and the app will use the camera itself as a radiation detector.
“It’s not super-sensitive, but it’s sensitive enough to tell you if you’re safe or not.
“It’s designed so that first responders can put the hazard and risk into perspective. The idea is to have a very low-cost solution that can be rolled out to everyone.” Continue reading “Groundbreaking app allows firefighters to detect radiation”

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Warman athletes suit up for Sask at Minnesota hockey tournament

Riley Ashe, Carsten Kayter and Carsyn Dyck of Warman will be playing for the Saskatchewan Huskies Prospects in “The Show” in Minneapolis this week.
The North American Hockey Showcase (The Show) is a premiere hockey event for Elite 2006 birth year players who will represent a specific region or province.
A total of 18 teams from across Canada and the United States will compete at the event, slated for Bloomington, Minnesota, USA from June 27 to July 2.
The Saskatchewan Huskies Prospects roster includes: Carsyn Dyck, Cole Peardon, Berkly Catton, Riley Ashe, Tarin Smith, Carsten Kayter, Tyrone Sobry, Trae Wilke, Luke Dahlen, Roger McQueen, Ashton Tait, Tyler Phipps, Matthew Van Blaricom, Tyson Buczkowski, Ronan Buckberger, Eric Kahl, and Jayden Kraus.
All games will be streamed live on Youth Hockey Hub (www.YouthHockeyHub.Com) with professional play-by-play and colour commentary. Continue reading “Warman athletes suit up for Sask at Minnesota hockey tournament”

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