New Dalmeny Industrial Park to break ground soon

Jim Weninger (left), administrator for the town of Dalmeny, Anthony Nienhuis, developer of the Dalmeny Industrial Park, and Jon Kroeker, Dalmeny Mayor created a mutually beneficial partnership to implement the development project

A new industrial park in the town of Dalmeny could see shovels in the ground by the end of May. The project was facilitated by a unique partnership between the developers, Anthony Nienhuis and Ben Vander Kooi of Dalmeny Industrial Park Inc., and the town.

A failed local improvement project in 2015 paved the way for some creative and better solutions. “The greatest thing that happened is, it brought Anthony and the town together to look at the bigger picture,” said Dalmeny town administrator, Jim Weninger. Nienhuis owns the Martensville Building and Home Supply store and is involved in a range of other projects in the area.   Continue reading “New Dalmeny Industrial Park to break ground soon”

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Some food truck policies more appetizing

Shirley Metcalf and her husband stopped by to enjoy some ice cream from Louis Schoenherr recently. Warman allows food trucks to set up in designated commercial areas, including the Warman Fire Hall parking lot.

There’s a growing appetite to have food trucks in urban areas to supplement local eating options. With that, communities have worked to set out their food truck guidelines.

Warman’s new policy makes one food truck vendor pretty happy. Louis Schoenherr runs an ice cream truck, which is gearing up for the season.

Schoenherr likes the old tradition of ice cream trucks driving through communities to provide cold treats on hot days. “We started up and we’re trying to do the same tradition as they did years ago,” he says. “But the cities are stopping us, except for Warman.”

Warman has defined three categories of mobile food vendors. Continue reading “Some food truck policies more appetizing”

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Rosthern dance recital a beautiful showcase

These charmers demonstrated their fancy footwork at the Rosthern School of Dance yearend recital May 13 and 14 at the Station Arts Centre.

The Rosthern School of Dance (RSOD) Recital presented three shows for their year-end recital on May 13 and 14, to accommodate all the interest.

“We have done that because we want to be in the Station Arts Centre because it’s so beautiful,” said president Jacquie Thiessen. “The facility was designed for things like dancing but it does have a limited seating capacity of 160.” Nobody seemed to mind the three shows. Tickets were sold out and the kids were on board.

The school has about 65 students from age three up to high school grads. Thiessen says this year, the kids’ strength and skill improved a great deal. “Everybody commented on it. It was kind of neat! It almost took your breath away to watch those kids.”

Continue reading “Rosthern dance recital a beautiful showcase”

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