Social factors steer people toward gangs, says researcher

Robert Henry

Individuals who grow up in a “hostile” environment with little or no family or social supports are prime recruits for indigenous street gangs, according to University of Calgary professor Robert Henry.
Speaking at the Valley West Community Justice Committee (VWCJC) annual meeting in Martensville on Thursday, May 18, Henry said individuals who end up in street gangs generally have experienced a “lot of trauma” in their lives.
“In most cases, they’ve had multiple movements within the child welfare system,” said Henry, who grew up in Prince Albert and is of Metis ancestry.
“They’ve been taken from their homes and placed in different foster homes. Society often labels them as bad kids, and they internalize that view of themselves.”
Indigenous street gangs first came into the public eye in the 1980s in Winnipeg, said Henry. He said the formation of those gangs was partly in response to limited opportunities for indigenous youth to participate in the legal economy, and they gravitated toward an “illegal economy” based on drugs and violence. Continue reading “Social factors steer people toward gangs, says researcher”

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Warm weather brings out speeders

Although the roads are clear and the weather is warm, the Saskatoon Police Service is cautioning drivers to slow their speeds.

On May 21, 2017, Police issued a $572 speeding ticket after officers recorded a vehicle going 138km/hour in a 50km/hour zone on 8th St. E.  Then On May 22, 2017, a driver was caught going 153km/hour in a 60km/hour zone at Claypool Drive and McClocklin Rd.

SPS would like to remind all drivers to watch for, and abide by the posted speed limits in and around Saskatoon.

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Firefighters douse garage fire in Warman

Firefighters knock down a garage fire in Warman on Friday, May 19

Warman fire Rescue members extinguished a garage fire at a residence in the 200 block of Deer Meadows Drive in Warman on Friday morning, May 19. The call came in shortly before 8:00 a.m. and firefighters responded with three units. When they arrived, smoke was billowing from the garage. It was quickly brought under control with foam and water from a pumper truck. However, hot spots were detected and firefighters had to open up one of the walls to fully extinguish the fire. Firefighters left the scene at about 9:00 a.m. All residents of the home evacuated safely and there were no injuries. Damage is estimated at about $40,000 to the home and contents. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

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