Straight talk on succession planning at Ag in Motion

Over 200 attendees to a talk on succession planning packed into a tent for a session with expert Jolene Brown at Ag in Motion on July 19

As you approach Ag in Motion on Highway 16 West, a tent city comes into view, as if sprouted from the soil, the peaks of its pure white canopies pointing the way.

In one of those tents, on 5th Street just north of Saskatchewan Drive, speaker Jolene Brown holds forth on succession planning. She’s dynamic and funny. A succession planning expert, ‘Farmer Brown’ lives in the middle of corn and soybean country in Iowa, and has spoken all over North America and around the world.

Brown is no neophyte. She has helped 100s of families with their transitions and knows her stuff. She’s a communicator like few others. She plows in, slicing through the issues with humour and deadly accuracy. Continue reading “Straight talk on succession planning at Ag in Motion”

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Martensville Girl Guide leader takes group on BC adventure

Eight Saskatchewan Girl Guides along with two leaders are attending the ‘Soar 2017 Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous’ camp in Smithers. (L-R) Saskatchewan SOAR Patrol: Diandra, Tilka, Arianna, Chira, Chloe, Amanda, Zoe, Anika, Taeya and Lillyanna.

Eight Saskatchewan girls have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. A Girl Guide camp in Smithers, BC will see them and about 2500 girls and core staff from across Canada descend on the mountain town.

Girl Guide leader, Diandra Thompson of Martensville anticipates the girls will collect some tremendous experiences from the ‘Soar 2017 Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous’. “It’s a great opportunity for them to be able get out of their comfort zone and have experiences outside their norms,” said Thompson. She’s been involved in Girl Guides either as a kid or a leader for about 15 years. Continue reading “Martensville Girl Guide leader takes group on BC adventure”

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Youths break into numerous Warman vehicles

On Wednesday July 26th 2017, at approximately 2:00 am the Warman/Martensville RCMP received a call from a vigilant citizen in Warman reporting three males looking into and entering unlocked vehicles.  Officers responded and were able to locate and arrest three youth in relation to the matter.  The youth were found to have entered and stolen from numerous unlocked vehicles in the City. The matter continues to be under investigation.
The Warman/Martensville RCMP would like to thank members of the public for making the observation and promptly calling it in.  
The RCMP would also like to remind the public of the following, which are common themes when it comes to break-ins to vehicles and theft of vehicles. In the case of vehicle thefts, they are almost always left unlocked, with the keys accessible somewhere in the vehicle. Prevention of these types of crimes is simple:
  • Lock your doors
  • Remove your keys
  • Remove valuables from your vehicles and don’t have them visible
  • Park your car in a well-lit area
  • Call the police immediately if you see suspicious activity
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