Martensville set to pave Main Street eastern extension

Dust trails are a common sight along Martensville’s Main Street between 10th Avenue and 16th Avenue

Work is set to begin this month on upgrading and paving a section of Main Street in Martensville.
Martensville City Council awarded the tender for paving Main Street between 10th Avenue and 16th Avenue in the Lake Vista neighbourhood to Paramount Paving. The decision was made at the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, May 16.
The $2.55 million bid from Paramount was the lowest of six proposals submitted to the city during the tender process. In its proposal, Paramount estimated the start date for the project would be May 23 and the work largely completed by mid-October.
The project involves building a traffic circle at the intersection of Main Street and 10th Avenue, paving Main Street from 10th Avenue to 16th Avenue, concrete channelization medians and landscaped boulevards to separate the eastbound and westbound lanes, as well as providing appropriate turning lanes where necessary.
Martensville council initially considered phasing the work over a longer period of time, but opted to complete the entire project in a single season because of lower costs for construction and financing.
Martensville Mayor Kent Muench said doing the project now makes sense.
“We’ve had discussions with the RM of Corman Park and the City of Warman about that whole stretch of Township Road 384 from Martensville to the Warman south access at Highway 11,” said Muench. “In the end it will become a major connection, but paving the whole thing isn’t a project that municipal governments can do right now because there’s no real funding opportunities from the province or feds.
“Right now though, we have an opportunity to spearhead things by upgrading the portion of the road within our city limits at very attractive prices.”
Muench said the project will provide a direct route to the new schools in Lake Vista which are slated to open in September. It will also facilitate easier access to the Lake Vista residential and commercial areas.
“Main Street is a major artery and this will make it more attractive to potential residents because it will be paved, rather than gravel,” said Muench. “There is also a lot of commercial land available there, and the upgrades will make that area more attractive as well.”
Muench said the traffic circle intersection at Main and 10th will allow the smooth flow of traffic at what eventually will be a very busy intersection.